The name Resiliens derives from latin verb resilio "to bounce" and it means resilience, a concept that, nowadays, is really exploited in many contexts. In Resiliens the concept of resilience is represented by a subject that, when influenced, gets enriched without permitting his identity to get affected from it. Therefore, Resiliens accepts and researches the influence of modernity on its artistic production and it recognizes the extraordinary potential offered by contemporary means and suggestions; however, Resiliens does not allow these influences and suggestions to lead the creative process.

Resiliens expresses its highest musical experimentation in the Astra Project. Astra aims to link underground and well-read music, which are separate but co-existing situations, able to show their inner value when mingled together. Astra leads the cutting edges expressions towards an official recognition and it creates an encouraging fusion, essential in an artistic investigation.

made by Eleonora Eleuteri