Federico Fiume



Federico, 27-year-old, is an electronic musician. His career stated attending a course on electronic music at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia of Roma. Since that, Federico has been releasing on international music labels till he succeeded in founding his own independent label, Resiliens. In July, 2014 he debuted with his first work of applied original music to a dance show, Garbage Girls.

Lorenzo Fiume



Lorenzo, 23-year-old, is both a classic and electronic musician. He studies classic composition at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia of Rome and has started composing original music five yeas ago, debuting with a track for a tv spot of a well-known coffee company. Lorenzo gets commissions by theatre and dance companies. His last commission was in 2014 together with Federico for the original music of a dance show.




Martux_m: composer, producer, multimedia electro-acoustic alchemist, pioneer and key figure in the Italian electronic music scene; in Italy and abroad, among the most noted and active contributors to the electronic digital arts that combine sound and images. His electronic sound-tracks have been defined trans-sonic, ranging from electro-acoustic to glitch, from ambient to techno. Hence the “x” stands for a crossover, between the various languages. His work has been well received by critics and public alike and has been performed in all the major international festivals: Sonar, Venice Biennale, Mutek, RomaEuropa, and Dissonanze. His output remains open to contamination, with various projects forming a crossover between jazz, contemporary classical music and digital electronics.

Max Catena



Max, 25-year-old, is an expert of visual communication and deals with it in Resiliens. He studies Architecture and is also a photographer, specialized in architectural and landscape photography.

Eleonora Eleuteri

Web & graphic designer


Eleonora, 23-year-old, is a web designer and web media manager. After got graduated in Fashion Science, she has been professionalizing in web design and graphics. In Resiliens Eleonora deals with communication and graphics.

Samar El Zeini



Samar, 25-year-old, has got a degree in economics and started working in the cultural field almost three years ago in the US, moving then to Rome. In Resiliens she deals with economics and management.

Federico Varacca

Public relations


Federico, 26-year-old, is specialized and keen on public communication. He deals with public relations and business development.

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